Channel Force Book

Channel Force Book

Technology consumption models are changing. Customers have access to vast amounts of product information and new ways to purchase and deploy technology. Traditional approaches to building brand awareness and accelerating sales through the channel must adapt to these new realities. Partners must be equipped with the skills, process and tools required to succeed in this new sales environment. Channel Force helps navigate these new realities outlining a comprehensive approach to organize your channel sales creation process. See the Chapter Summary to learn more.

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Chapter Summary

The Channel Sales Challenge

Identifies common challenges with traditional channel sales models impacting the demand creation potential of the partner ecosystem.

Solving The Channel Sales Challenge

Reviews channel sales theory as the basis for creating a new demand creation model, transitioning partners from fulfillment to demand generation.

Assessing Your Channel Sales Opportunity

Introduces a new approach to channel sales opportunity assessment determining your solution strength, market opportunity, partner impact and partner reward strength.

Choosing The Best Channel Sales Strategy

Customizes your channel strategy by solution based on your channel sales assessment. Introduces strategy profiles as a means of organizing the channel to execute your sales strategy.

Generating Demand Through The Partner Community

Provides a framework for utilizing your partners to build awareness, develop the market, and create new sales for your solutions.

Training Solution Providers To Generate New Sales

Provides a simple sales creation model training partners to identify, reach, influence, develop and expand sales with your target market.

Strategy Execution And Coverage Models

Introduces a structured target market prospecting process to effectively canvas your target market by territory utilizing the partner community.

Assessing Your Channel Plan (Achievement Matrix)

Identifies the strength of your channel sales plan in relation to the core principles of achievement to determine your probability of success.

Understanding Sales Drag, (Process Interlock Principles)

Introduces the concept of sales drag, providing recommendations for common channel sales challenges that impact the sales momentum of your solutions when sold through the channel.

Channel Force Summary (Putting It All Together)

Provides a summary of the ISAM process, putting the pieces of the puzzle together forming an easy to execute step-by-step demand generation recipe.

Our Author

Craig H Booth

A Modern Approach to Channel Revenue Growth.

I am a thirty-year technology sales veteran having held various successful sales and channel sales leadership roles throughout my career. I have spent considerable time contemplating new approaches to solve the sales challenges facing many channel sales organization today. My passion for helping others succeed inspired me to write the book. My hope is the principles and frameworks outlined in the book will provide the basis for developing high performance channel teams that consistently deliver results.

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